Black Inventors - A Children's Coloring Book - By Jeffers J. Joseph

By Jeffers J. Joseph

Black Inventors

A Children’s Coloring Book

Finally a fun, exciting and engaging way that our kids can now learn their history. The book Black Inventors and their Inventions does just that. By offering them the enjoyment of applying color to drawings of past and present black inventors—along with a peak into their backgrounds—we move our children away from the traditional way of acquiring knowledge. In a fast-moving technical world, offering our kids the luxury of learning through entertainment is the ultimate way to innovate their minds. Black Inventors is proud to be the catalyst for injecting such life and energy into learning. The book is 8 ½ x 11, which provides ample space for the reader to work comfortably.

Excerpts From Black Inventors

Jeffers J. Joseph

Best Selling Author

Jeffers Joseph

A graduate of Baruch College in New York, Jeffers Joseph is an accomplished author and artist. To date, he has written and published ‘Money Misery and Murder’, ‘Friends with Deficits’ and ‘Democracy’s Hypocrisies’. ‘Black Inventors’ will be Mr. Joseph’s fourth published work, with ‘Their Lives Mattered’ soon to follow.

Jeffers Joseph currently resides in New York City.

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Black Inventors - A Children's Coloring Book - By Jeffers J. Joseph

Jeffers J. Joseph
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